Otisi Pharma Added Value Services

Added Value Services

Otis Global Pharma has always strived to provide its customers with products of quality, but we also make it a point to support them. We recognise that it is important to take the extra steps needed to ensure that our customers derive maximum satisfaction from using our products. For this reason, Otis Global Pharma has:

Surgipharm training local surgeons

Medical Training and Information

We work closely with our suppliers to develop and provide training programmes for many of our customers. Due to high attrition rates within many of the institutions we deal with, we realise that in order to have a lasting affect these trainings must be held in a sustainable way. With this in mind, our trainings typically concentrate on the training of trainers. We find that this minimises the loss of an institution's capacity even as skilled employees turnover.

In addition to such direct trainings, we regularly hold events that concentrate more broadly on capacity building and knowledge sharing. This Continuous Medical Education (CME) often takes form as conferences, workshops and seminars.

Over the years we have been involved in the training of:

  • Health care workers on the proper dispensing of low cost anti-malarial medicines; focusing on product knowledge and supply chain management.
  • Phlebotomists, lab technicians, nurses, doctors and clinical officers in blood collection and infusion therapy procedures
  • Government officials and health care workers on injection safety procedures and methods
  • Public and private sector employees on the fundamentals of ARV supply chain management.
ACT Event Launch


Otis Global Pharma works on ad-hoc projects with various partners from the Benin Ministry of Health, NGOs, institutions, research organisations and private companies. The objective is to look at ways of improving the lives of patients by conducting market research, presenting information, designing solutions and implementing strategies in the marketplace.

National Injection Safety Campaign

From 2004 -2007 Otis Global Pharma was essential in the implementation and execution of Benin's National Injection Safety and Health Care Waste Management campaign. Representing Becton Dickinson, Otis Global Pharma , as a member of the Benin National Injection Safety Task Force (BNISTAF), worked in an advisory capacity during the development of policy, identified and availed the most suitable syringe and sharps collector products, developed a comprehensive sensitisation programme and trained health care workers in the use of these new products.

Consortium For ACT Private Sector Subsidy (CAPSS)

In September 2008 the Consortium for ACT Private Sector Subsidy (CAPSS), led by the Benin Ministry of Health and Medicines for Malaria Venture (MMV), launched an initiative to provide a highly subsidised and repackaged ACT through the private sector.

Otis Global Pharma , the initiative's private sector partner, was responsible for the initial quantification and ongoing management of stock as well as the distribution of the ACTs to regional suppliers. We also helped to develop and administer technical trainings on the proper usage of ACTs along with effective supply chain management.

Radiometer Training

Equipment Installation and Maintenance

A sizeable part of Otis Global Pharma 's business involves surgical equipment and diagnostic machinery, most of which is relatively new to the African market and highly specialised. As a result, Otis Global Pharma employs a team of skilled technicians and service engineers who are charged with the installation, servicing and maintenance of such equipment. Along with this, Otis Global Pharma will often host foreign technicians and engineers to assist in higher level trainings as well as the initial performance of operations.

Otis Global Pharma 's team can be called on 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and will respond to technical queries either in person or over the phone depending on the level of instruction needed. Otis Global Pharma has enabled surgeons and doctors to practise modern methods promptly, in many cases making medical referrals for treatment abroad unnecessary.

Special Procurement

Special Procurement

Part of our intuitional focus means that we consider tenders as a core business activity. The success of tendering requires the ability to supply a broad range of products and services at competitive prices. On the odd occasion where a customer requires something out of the ordinary, and thus not being a stock item of ours, we work within our network of international and local suppliers to source and supply it.

We have a dedicated team that handles all the regulatory requirements and logistics involved in such procurement. This enables us to ensure that any product ordered will be delivered in a timely fashion.