What We Do

Otis Global Pharma is a health care company involved in the importation, exportation, distribution and marketing of a multitude of health related products and services; ranging in everything from life saving drugs like ARVs, to life style products for weight loss, to diagnostic equipment used in monitoring oxygen levels in blood. Over the years Otis Global Pharma has grown its business into eight different segments, with each being equally important to the company.

We currently represent over 40 international pharmaceutical and medical supply companies, many of which are blue-chip multinational manufacturers. Our product portfolio consists of over 600 items and continues to grow as we strive to meet our customers' diverse needs.

Our distribution network covers the whole of West Africa region. Otis Global Pharma works with a wide range of customers, serving research institutions and NGOs, hospitals and government organisations, large wholesalers and retailers, and animal health care businesses.

With such a wide geographical reach and range of quality products, Otis Global Pharma has established itself as one of the leading medicines and medical supplies distributors in West Africa. Because of this we are recognised as a key component in the delivery of quality health care systems to Africans. Ultimately, our aim is to improve upon the health and well-being of the people of Benin through the accessibility, availability and affordability of our products.

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Our History

Otis Global Pharma was founded in Benin in 1996 by three founding shareholders on the behest a few manufacturers who were unhappy with the quality of distribution companies in Benin at the time. Since its creation the company has grown significantly. When we first started the company, there were only ten employees. Today, Otis Global Pharma employs over 93 people. Our warehousing space has grown from 200 sq metres to 1,350 sq metres.

In 2003 Otis Global Pharma expanded its operations into Mali, setting up an office in Bamako. Establishing our operations in Mali was the first step in our Regional Expansion Programme. We eventually envisage an West African presence applying a consistent business model with similar product and service offerings in every market where we operate.

Our appreciation and thanks goes out to our employees that have made Otis Global Pharma what it is today, to our suppliers and to our customers, patients and users of the products and services we avail. We look forward to the continued development of our products and services in order to better build the health of the nation.

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Mission Statement

"To be chosen by customers as the leading provider of relevant, affordable and accessible quality health care products and added-value services"

Otis Global Pharma 's mission is clear, and ever since the company's inception we have done everything in our power to advance it. In support of this we have developed a list of 7 objectives that acts as a foundation and guides our way of doing business.


  1. To strive for continual leadership in the sales and marketing of quality pharmaceuticals, diagnostics, surgical and consumer products and added-value services
  2. To maximise our overall efficiency in supply chain management and minimise operational costs to provide products and services at the most affordable prices
  3. To better meet customers' demands by widening our portfolio with relevant products
  4. To retain and grow a satisfied customer base
  5. To develop, groom and grow a cohesive motivated team
  6. To provide a stimulating and conducive work environment
  7. To uphold high standards of ethics and integrity in our business