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At Otis Global Pharma we believe in dedication, hard work and loyalty; not simply in terms of an employee's commitment to the company, but also that all of our employees share Otis Global Pharma 's goal of using health care solutions to improve the lives of Beninns. We're proud of our products and services, and we're just as proud of our employees.

Once a part of our team, we are committed to providing all of our employees with an environment that is conducive to personal growth and skills development. We encourage every employee to challenge their professional horizons, and themselves. Otis Global Pharma is a place where people are evaluated based on results and rewarded accordingly. To be the best company we can, we recognise that we have to offer the best opportunities, and we'd like to believe that some of the best ones around are at Otis Global Pharma .

We are looking for motivated individuals with integrity and pride. We aim to be an employer of choice for people who want to be involved in a structured, professional, ethical and fun place to work. If you wish to discover a new career avenue and at the same time want a chance to contribute to the development of Africa's healthcare capacity, please have a look at the job listings below:

Medical Representative - Sales & Marketing Department

Our Medical Representatives are responsible for growing Otis Global Pharma 's sales as well as total market share. He or she will report directly to Otis Global Pharma 's Marketing Manager. Read More >>

To apply for any of the above jobs, please email careers@otisglobalpharma.com with the name of the position you are interested in as the subject line, and attach your CV. Alternatively, please feel free to come by our offices and leave your information with one of Otis Global Pharma 's receptionists.

Thank you.